Woodland Management

We are very passionate about caring for the local woodlands, and our professional knowledge and expertise can help you with a variety of woodland maintenance issues you may be dealing with. This includes the development of pathways, planting programmes and understory clearance. So whether you’re looking to assist your local wildlife, property values, or timber production, contact our team to learn how we can best help.

What We Offer

Pathway Maintenance

Creating new pathways in your woodland areas can provide serene passages for visitors to enjoy nature, both human and wildlife. Not to mention the practical applications of traversing otherwise difficult terrain. Additionally, once we’ve established a new route through your woods, we can return for regular maintenance visits, including undergrowth clearance. Whether this involves disposing of dead roots, weeds, fungi or foliage, we’ve got you covered. Call now to arrange a free consultation with our experts.

Planting Programmes

We offer our customers a wide array of trees, hedges, and shrubbery to choose from, carefully grown in our nurseries. And this service extends to caring for the trees in your own patch of woodland. We can assist in every aspect of raising new trees on your land, from the protection and maintenance of young trees, to the felling of diseased and dead specimens. To find out more about how we can help you with our planting, get in touch by phone, email, or using our website contact form.

Contact Pincott Allen Tree Services

For more information on any of our woodland management services, as well as a free no-obligation quote and consultation, reach out to our team today.

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